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  • RT  @LimaBuilding : Thank you for all that you do for our communities. hours ago
  • RT  @fightfor15 : Pretty simple: Hedge funders, billionaires, and executives have stolen all the gains while workers' share of the economy ha…20 hours ago
  • RT  @DrRayMD : Yeah, so let’s talk about nurses... Things nurses do: ✅Teach young doctors (like me!) ✅Comfort parents of dying kids ✅Conduc…2 days ago
  • RT  @fightfor15 : Last year, 60 profitable Fortune 500 companies avoided all federal income taxes. This was the design in the #TrumpTaxScam…2 days ago
  • RT  @wisaflcio : Union members are once again gearing up for the biggest single-day food drive in America.  @StampOutHunger  on May 11 with  @NA …2 days ago


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