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  • RT  @jwjnational : There's far more to  @amazon 's $15 #minimumwage than meets the eye. For many people working in Amazon warehouses, they lost…25 minutes ago
  • RT  @wosunews : Ohio's police union says Attorney General  @MikeDeWine  hasn't done enough to speed up drug kit testing. The union endorsed  @Ri …2 hours ago
  • RT  @RM_Patterson : "The Republicans have an exclusively male ticket and are sending their wives out to campaign together like it’s the 1950s…3 hours ago
  • RT  @ACTOHIO1 : CALLING ALL #ELECTRICIANS: Now hiring electricians of all skill levels for immediate placement on long-term job with 40-70 ho…8 hours ago
  • Thanks, Susan. As you may know our labor group  @APRIMWRegion  took  @JonHusted  to SCOTUS for his attacks on voting ri… hours ago


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